S.C.A.C. was formed in 1966 with an original membership of 23. The founder members now mostly just names in a dusty register, are supplemented by some who will be remembered via club trophies such as the ‘Ray Bent’, ‘Porter Nominated’, ‘Jim Norris’ and ‘Michael Buesden’ to name but a few. The club now boasts a healthy membership of around 60 members, ranging from the not so young (our oldest member is in his eighties) to a thriving and growing junior section.


S.C.A.C. used to use both Rectory Park and Sutton Coldfield Rugby Football Club as their grounds until 1972 when it moved to the Spartans Rugby Ground. In 1984 the club transferred back to S.C.R.F.C. along with the, by then a well travelled shed, and we are still here today, but with two newer and bigger sheds.

Membership started at 23 and has never been larger exceeding 60 of which about 40 shoot at least once a week.
The club records register contains the names of once junior archers who used to represent the county and country. These juniors, although not part of the founding group joined with their families, and set a trend of encouraging parents to join which continues to this day. A number of senior members regularly shot away at competitions, inter-club shoots, and open county and national events. At present we can boast a handful of juniors who have shot successfully at the National Championships as well as being county champions.
Sadly, the seniors are still trying to change this aged-old tradition of the juniors bringing home the medals.

In its 45 year history S.C.A.C. has only been awarded two grants. The first in 1988 was from Birmingham Sports Council and from Sutton Coldfield Municipal charities. S.C.A.C. was the first archery club to apply for a grant in the four hundred years the charity has been in existence. Over Fifty years have witnessed the birth, development, consolidation and evolution of the club. The club will only now go from strength to strength