Duke of Edinburgh

S.C.A.C. has been approached by a number of schools and organisations to assist in delivering certain aspects of the Duke of Edinburgh award and since 2001 the club has been registered as an Access Point to the Duke of Edinburgh Scheme. The club offers comprehensive coaching by our qualified coaches and experienced archers, who are CRB checked. We are able to equip the students for the duration of the course.

The Duke of Edinburgh course requires the participant to attend a minimum of twelve weeks. We like all D.of E. participants to attend the three weeks beginners’ course,however this is not always possible because of the time restraints of the scheme. The participants whether doing Gold, Silver, or Bronze will need to reach the requirements set down by Archery GB (The governing body of archery).  Archery generally falls in the PHYSICAL aspect of the D.of E. award

“To achieve your archery qualifications it will be beneficial for you to undertake shooting at a registered Archery GB club or association or at a sports centre who also have qualified Archery coaches working at the centre.
Under the rules of our Society our clubs are, for a small fee, permitted to give a beginner in archery for six weeks in the basic techniques of the sport. At the end of that period of learning the assessment can be carried out. If you are learning within your school or a sports centre their own insurance scheme is acceptable and will allow the course to run for the full 6 weeks or more if required. The scheme within schools is linked to the PESSYP which is the Player pathway programme.
We hope that you will find the sport of archery sufficiently interesting for you to join a club as a full member, and continue with the sport.  Many of our DofE participants have gone on to become members of the county squad.  For the D.O.E. we charge a single payment of £75 which covers the cost of club membership for the year (D.O.E. usually last for 12 weeks but you are welcome to continue shooting for the whole year) and  beginners/admin cost.
If you require any more information please do not hesitate to contact us E-mail or if you want to just pop in to the club and have a look or chat.  You could also phone me on 0121 351 7925
For more information please contact our Duke of Edinburgh organiser at the following email address DofE@scac.co.uk