How much does it cost?
At present the cost for the beginners course  is £50 but this is subject to change and a yearly review

What equipment do I need?

You do not need any equipment to start. All equipment is provided for the course, we do need to know if you are right or left handed and insurance is also included. If you join the club you are expected to purchase your own equipment.

Do I need to bring anything?

NO apart from the payment on the first session. We also advise that you avoid loose fitting clothing, especially jackets and no open toe shoes/sandels, with long hair tied back (No you don’t have to wear tights )

How old do you have to be?

You can be any age, our oldest member at present is 76 but we usually only take juniors (up to 18) from the age of 11 and a parent or guardian must be present throughout the course and when shooting

How do I become a member?

After the Beginners course you will be invited to join, this is done by simply paying the club and ArcheryGB fees

Where do I buy my own equipment?

We recommend you do not buy any equipment until the end of the course. The club members and course tutors will advise on the type, size, and most suitable equipment and where to purchase the equipment. We will not tell you how much to spend on equipment

Do I have to do a Beginners course?

All registered ArcheryGB Clubs will only allow you to join If you have completed  a beginners course If you have shot before, at another club or another course we will ask to see, your beginners certificate or other evidenced, to see you shoot so that we know whether you are safe and competent. If we feel you need to attend a course we will advise you

When are the beginners courses?

We usually run three courses a year, accommodating about 25 beginners. These courses are usually early May, and Late June

Tuesday evening from 7 till 9 at the club

Do You shoot in winter?

We do shoot throughout the year, Outdoors on a Sundays at the Rugby club and in winter we hire a sports hall at Fairfax Academy twice a week on a Tuesday and Friday evening.