Summer Shooting Programme

SCAC Summer Shooting Programme – 2019

Please arrive 45 mins. before sighters to help with the setup of the field.

The Summer shoot programme is to be adhered to as they are club shoots, although any archery is able to shoot short forms of the particular days shoot.

Please note

During a Club Shoot the Field Captain controls the Shoot and will set the field according to the programme.

Shooting programme may vary. Please check the notice board. No refunds. For any reason you do not want to shoot to the programme for that day or wish to deviate from the programme please get to the field early and explain your preferences or explain your preferences to the Club Captain at an earlier date.

This will allow the Club/Field Captain where possible to accommodate your preferences without disrupting the programmed round.

The Field Captain determines when the shoot is finished, any practice or coaching beyond the shoot is covered within the Club rules if the Field Captain agrees

Archers are to assist in the setting up and taking down of bosses.

Morning & afternoon only shooting is available on Sundays, with setup for the afternoon session at 13:00.

 19SunMetric I3 x4 (12)Ray Bent 1  10:3011:00
21TueClub Shield18:1518:45
23ThuClub Shield18:1518:45
26SunWA 1440 and Metric 1Prep for Stephanie Hall Memorial 27/5/19 Meriden10:3011:00
28TueWarwick Round 118:1518:45
30 MayThu18:1518:45
June2 JunSunHereford6,4,2 (12)10:3011:00
4TueNational4,2 (6)18:1518:45
9SunWA1440 and Metrics1-V6,4,2 (12)In Prep for County Championships (16/6) and National County Team Championships 29 to 30/6/1910:3011:00
16SunNational Rounds6 twice (12)Porter Nominated10:3011:00
18TueBeginners 318:1518:45
20ThuWarwick Round 218:1518:45
23SunYork, Hereford, Bristol12David Bradley Trophy and Compound Outdoors , Prep for Junior Outdoors 7/7/19 and Grand National Archery Meeting 26 to 28/6/1910:3011:00
25TueClub Shield18:1518:45
27ThuClub Shield18:1518:45
30 JunSunFITA3 x4 (12)Prep for Junior Outdoors 6/7/1910:3011:00
July2TueSummer Pairs 118:1518:45
4ThuSummer Pairs 218:1518:45
7SunMetric I3 x4 (12)10:3011:00
11ThuWarwick round 318:1518:45
13SatMiddleton FetePlease helpSupport the club10301730
14SunYork6,4,2 (12)10:3011:00
21SunAlbion3 x4 (12)Ray Bent 210:3011:00
28SunYork6,4,2 (12)10:3011:00
30 JulTueClub Shield18:1518:45
August1ThuClub Shield18:1518:45
4SunFITA3 x4 (12)10:3011:00
11SunAlbion3 x3 (9)10:3011:00
15ThuWarwickNovices and Veterans18:1518:45
18SunSt.George3 x3 (9)13:1513:45
25SunWindsor’s3x3Prep for Quantum Archers Open Competition on 26/8/1913:1513:45
29 AugThuWarwick Round 418:1518:45
September1 SunAmerican2.5 x3 (7.5)Ray Bent 313:1513:45
4WedWinter Indoors at Erdington AcademyIndoor Season Begins19:4520:00
8 SepSunNational4,2 (6)Michael Buesden including Lowbow and Barebow13:1513:45


This year we are trying to introduce more people to competitions.  We have moved a number of competitions to the Thursday and having less competitions on a Sunday.  Keeping Sundays for obtaining classifications, handicaps and to encourage  away competitions

Midweek we should still be able to shoot  mainly Warwicks (4 dozen, and other 6 dozen rounds.  We have also entered the Warwick League which we have to shoot once a month (This is based on two leagues Made score and Handicap adjusted

Sunday competitions

David Bradley Trophy (renamed Presidents Trophy)

This would be the major club championship With Champion on Made score and Medals for handicap adjusted scores in all categories. A 12 dozen round and be Keeping nearest to pin (across all distances) on the longest distance. We could try to make a day of it (replace our Fun day)e.g Burgers and bacon sandwiches at the Main Break. Medals to be presented at the end of the day.

Michael Buseden –  Our long bow and flat bow competition
The major Longbow tournament as most of our longbows archers tend to shoot on Sunday. We may be able to run a bare bow competition to run alongside for those who cannot compete

Ray Bent:- The summer long competition, this is spread over three legs and based on handicap adjusted scores
Keeping it over 3 legs but not specifying the actually round. From May, June, July, August take the best Handicap adjusted 12doz score, 8 or 7.5 doz score, and 6 dozen score . The winner having the highest score male. female or junior

The other competitions should be run in the Midweek on Thursday

Porter Nominated

The objective is to see how close you can get to a nominated score

Since this is the based on a nominated score, This is a fun round and can use any round but I suggest that try to get a 6 dozen round  rather than warwick or 3 dozen Metric. If Metric rounds are used I suggest we use long Metrics because of the larger face and the not missing on the last End

Veterans and Novices

This might also be good for beginners just finishing the course to shoot a competition with the rest of the club.

Vetran-  anyone over the age of 55

Novice  – Anyone who has not shot before Jan of the preceding year

Cub Shield – The short distance club competition.  Medals to the highest handicap adjusted scores
Changing the format to similar to the Ray Bent. Due to the limited light/time available in the evenings we shoot this over three months with both the best and handicapped scores over 3 Dozen at three different metric distances
I want to avoid Warwicks because alternate weeks we may be shooting in the Warwick league. Although 3 dozen is not a recognised round we do have Handicap tables for metric 3 doz. It will also give practice and sight marks at these distances for those archers who are shooting away and external competitions

Warwickshire League We have entered both Junior and Senior teams and each hasTwo leagues Made score and Handicap adjusted score. Alan Maskell will collect results etc

Summer Pairs

Short Junior Warwick (30/20)
Best score from each archer. Experienced and novice archer’s scores are paired, highest with lowest and so on. Winning pair has highest combined total.

Archer of The Year highest points on all club competitions

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