The Ladder Competition

The Ladder

Present as of 19th February 2022

1Kavina Keshav
2Matthew Preston
3Martin Boyce
4Niyanta  Patel
5Andrew Talbot
6Barry Stephenson
7Norman Rowland
8Mike Lynock
9Duncan Hammond
10Daniel Tennent
11Rob Whitmore
12Oliver Thorn
13Alan Maskell
14Peter Thorn
15Liam Marshall
16Nuha Maryam
17Jon Chatham
18Derek Smith
19Albert Gee
20Petra Moore
21Peter Wright
22Kirk Sayer
23Margaret Lynock
24Ralph Sayer
25Dan Stone
26Mark Crudgington
27Ewan McDonald
28Jamie Moffat
29Cameron Smith
30Brian Hall
31Gemma Hodson
32Ben Palmer

This competition is based on beating people not scores

This is an indoor competition shot after the advertised round

To move up the ladder you must beat anybody above you on the ladder, you must shoot the same evening and the same type of face to go above someone higher than you.

You  will be shooting a 12 arrow  competition (15 for a Worcester evening)

The results must be handed in on the night 

You must score a higher score to go above someone, equal scores you do not go above them

If you do not shoot for a month you will automatically drop 5 positions

Every 2 weeks you will be awarded points for your position (based on the number of people on the ladder)

At present 31 for 1st, 30 for 2nd, etc…


Two Weekly Total up to 19th February 2022

 Grand prixAfter 19/2/22  
1Kavina Keshav197
2Martin Boyce194
3Barry Stephenson180
4Matthew Preston171
5Niyanta  Patel159
6Norman Rowland155
7Andrew Talbot153
8Mike Lynnock123
9Alan Maskell121
10Daniel Tennent115
12Peter Wright104
13Jon Chatham101
13Albert Gee95
15Petra Moore93
10Jamie Moffat86
16Peter Thorn86
17Oliver Thorn78
18Nuha Maryam67
18Margaret Lynock60
20Liam Marshall59
21Kirk Sayer56
22Rob Whitmore56
23Duncan Hammond55
24Derek Smith46
25Brian Hall42
26Cameron Smith31
27Gemma Hodson30
28Dan Stone30
29Ralph Sayer20
30Mark Crudgington19
31Ewan McDonald16
32Ben Palmer6