Porter Nominated Results

Porter Nominated

Tuesday 7th June 

Long Metric Rounds

Since this is the based on a nominated score, This is a fun round and  can use any round

A gentle start to the season.  The shoot is named after a founder member of the club.  The objective is to see how close you can get to a score that you have nominated before sighters.  

You  are disqualified if you miss the target 

1 with any of the last six arrows( 2nd class or better)

2 with two arrows in the last six for other archers

3 with 3 arrows with a longbow

4 Outside red with compound


Porter Nominated 10th April 2018
NameLong MetricNominated ScoreActual ScoreDifferencePosition
1Barry StephensonII50149741st
2Norman RowlandII47547052nd
3Margaret LynnocklV175202273rd
4Samantha Plessinger-DavislV340377374th
5Natalie GeeI478519415th
6Ben Thorn LBII14273696th
7Tony McGuirelV300377777th
8John Eaton LBII1213091888th
9John YellandlV2704611919th
10Albert Gee LBI12915324Dis
11Will HawksworthII43142110Dis
12Derek SmithII373222151Dis