2016 Club Competion Results

Indoor Club Captains Cup November 2016 (Handicap adjusted)

1st  Tom Chambers       ( Adjusted Score 1489)

2nd Elizabeth Allison    ( Adjusted Score 1488)

3rd Robert Allison         ( Adjusted Score 1473)

West Midlands/ Warwickshire Indoor Championships 2016

2016-01-31 12.08.29 2016-01-31 11.54.58 2016-01-31 11.41.26 2016-01-31 11.41.13 2016-01-31 11.41.08 2016-01-31 11.39.21 2016-01-31 11.39.14 2016-01-31 11.31.22 2016Indoor Championships


RESULTS2015/ 2016
Porter Nominated April 2015
Final positionsAdults and Juniors
1st PlaceBarry Stephenson
2nd PlaceAlbert Gee
3rd Place
Richard Priestly
John Brant
Club Shield May 2015
Final positions
1st PlaceRichard Priestly
2nd PlaceYogini Chouhan
3rd PlaceAdam Rowland
Presidents Trophy June 2015
Final positionsFinal positionsHandicapped AdjustedJUNIORFinal positions
1st PlaceJon Richmond1st juniorAdam Rowland1st Place1st Place
2nd PlaceYogini Chouhan2nd Place2nd Place
3rd PlaceAdam Rowland3rd Place3rd Place
Nearest The Cross
Club Challenge August 2015
Final positionsFinal positions Juniors
1st Place Mike Lynock1st Place
2nd Place Mathew Mescall2nd Place
3rd PlaceNigel Johnson3rd Place
Michael BusedenLongbow/Barebow
Final positionsFinal positions Juniors
1st PlaceAlbert Gee1st Place
2nd Place
Vetrans August 2015Novices Gents
Final positions
1st Place Barry Stephenson1st Place Robert Morris
2nd Place Albert Gee2nd Place Norman Rowland
3rd PlaceJon Richmond3rd PlaceAdam Rowland
Novices Ladies
1st Place
Novices Juniors2nd Place
Final positions3rd Place
Ray Bent (3 Legs) September 2015
Final positionsFinal positions Juniors
1st PlaceBarry Stephenson1st Place
2nd PlaceJohn Brant2nd Place
3rd PlaceRob Whitmore3rd Place
Captains CupWinter and Indoors
Ladies1st PlaceNatalee Gee
2nd PlaceLeigh Yap
Gents1st PlaceRobert Morris
2nd PlaceBarry Stephenson
3rd PlaceDerek Smith
Vegas1st PlaceMichael Jackson
2nd PlaceTony McQuire
3rd PlaceBen Thorn
Chairmans Plate
1st PlaceTom Chambers
2nd PlaceAlan Maskell
3rd PlaceDavid Jones
Jim Norris Made Score
1st PlaceRichard Priestly
2nd PlaceNeil Evans
3rd PlaceAlan Maskell
Jim Norris Handicap
1st PlaceRichard Priestly
2nd PlaceMike Lynock
3 rd PlaceAlan Maskell
Indoor Pairs
1st PlaceRobert Morris andAlbert Gee
2nd PlaceNorman Rowland andMike Lynock
3rd PlaceAlan Maskell andMow Ching Yap
Outdoor Pairs
1st PlaceNeil Evans andNigel Johnson
2nd PlaceRichard Priestly andMike Lynock
3rd PlaceAlan Maskell andMathew Mescall
Handicap Improvement Of The Year
Barry Stephenson63 - 44
Archer Of The Year
seniorBarry Stephenson
juniorAdam Rowland
Club Member Of The YearAlan Maskell

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