Summer Shooting Programme

SCAC Summer Shooting Programme – 2017

Please arrive 45 mins. before sighters to help with the setup of the field.

The Summer shoot programme is to be adhered to as they are club shoots, although any archery is able to shoot short forms of the particular days shoot.

Please note

During a Club Shoot the Field Captain controls the Shoot and will set the field according to the programme. If for any reason you do not want to shoot to the programme for that day or wish to deviate from the programme please get to the field early and explain your preferences or explain your preferences to the Club Captain at an earlier date. This will allow the Club/Field Captain where possible to accommodate your preferences without disrupting the programmed round. The Field Captain determines when the shoot is finished, any practice or coaching beyond the shoot is covered within the Club rules if the Field Captain agrees.

DatePrimary Round / Shorter RoundArrows DozCommentSighter times
Apr 21Albion/ Windsors91.45 p.m.
Apr 30American7.51.45 p.m.
Tuesday May 2Beginners Course 1
May 7Windsor9Club Shield1.45 p.m.
Thursday May 11Beginners course 2
May 14York,Hereford/ National1211.00 a.m./1.45a.m.
May 21WA 1440 Short Metric/WA7201211.00 a.m./1.45a.m.
May 28Hereford/
National -Ray Bent
121st Ray Bent 6 doz11.00 a.m./1.45a.m.
Jun 4WA 1440 Short Metric/WA7201211.00 a.m./1.45a.m.
Thursday 8th W.I.
Jun 11York/Hereford/ National1211.00 a.m./1.45a.m.
Jun 18WA 1440 Short Metric/WA7201211.00 a.m./1.45a.m.
Jun 25Hereford/ National12Presidents Trophy11.00 a.m./1.45a.m.
Jun 27Beginners course 3
Jul 2WA 1440 Short Metric/WA7201211.00 a.m./1.45a.m.
Jul 9National X26 + 6Porter nominated11.00 a.m./1.45a.m.
Saturday July 15Middleton Village Fete
Jul 16WA 1440 Short Metric-Ray Bent122nd Ray Bent11.00 a.m./1.45a.m.
Jul 23York,Hereford/ National1211.00 a.m./1.45a.m.
Jul 30WA 14401211.00 a.m./1.45a.m.
Aug 6York,Hereford/ National1211.00 a.m./1.45a.m.
Aug 13WA 1440 Vet & Novices -Short Metric/WA72012Veterans and Novices11.00 a.m./1.45a.m.
Aug 20Albion/ Windsors9Club Challange1.45 p.m.
Aug 27American7.53rd Ray Bent1.45 p.m.
Sep 3St George/Windsors91.45 p.m.
Sep 10National Long Bow Nationals6Long Bow Michael Buseden1.45 p.m.
Sep 17American7.51.45 p.m.
Sep 24Long Warwick61.45 p.m.


Porter Nominated

The objective is to see how close you can get to a nominated score

Ray Bent:- The summer long competition, this is spread over three legs and based on handicap adjusted scores

Cub Shield – The short distance club competition.  Medals to the highest handicap adjusted scores

Presidents Trophy- The only competition based on highest score with a prize for the nearest to pinhole on longest distance

Veterans and Novices–

Club Challenge 

Michael Buseden –  Our long bow and flat bow competition

West Midlands League

Fun Competitions

– To be advised –  No prizes, just glory, its not the taking part it’s the winning!

Archer of The Year highest points on all club competitions

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